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Here are some basic Questions & Answers about El Dorado Ranch, Baja California Mexico.

Why, with our crazy economy, should I be looking for real estate in Baja Now?

Besides the weather and its proximity to the US border, there are other reasons that lure folks to consider real estate in Baja. Like the rest of Mexico, land costs in Baja are much lower compared to the cost of land in the US, Canada and Europe. Since Baja is being actively developed as a tourist destination, it has excellent standard of living. The beaches are filled with miles upon miles of fine white sand. The waters here offer some of the best fishing areas in the region.

Can I own property in Mexico?

Yes!!!!!! You can own property in at El Dorado Ranch, San Felipe, Baja California, by what is called Fideicomiso or a Real Estate Bank Trust, with title insurance issued by Stewart Title Insurance Company which gives you the same “bundle of property rights” (sell, lease, will, encumber and enjoy property) that is afforded property owners in the U.S. This right was granted by an amendment to the Mexican Constitution in 1993, which allows foreigners to own property, by way of a Fideicomiso, in the former Restricted Zone of Mexico (62 miles from the borders and 31 miles from any coast).

What about all the stories I have heard about crime in Mexico?

Your chance of becoming a victim of violent crime is much higher north of the border than visiting our Mexican friends south of the border. As an example, the State Department issued a travel alert because 16 tourists were victims of violent crime in northern Baja where 60 million come to visit each year. In the same time period 26 tourists were victims of violent crime in California State Parks. So where is the travel alert for California???

What about medical care?

Medical care in Mexico is safe, more personal than medical care in the United States and less expensive than medical care in the United States. Mexican pharmacies are 50% to 70% less expensive (for most drugs) than pharmacies in the United States. Medicines in Mexico are manufactured by well-known international companies like Pfizer, Roche, Abbot Labs, Bristol-Myers Squibb etc. Medicine from pharmacies in Mexico is as safe as medicine from U.S. drug stores.

What about the Cost of Living?

Any American living in Mexico knows it's possible to reduce your current living expenses in half and not sacrifice, in most cases, the conveniences found at home. You might even raise your standard of living!

Why El Dorado Ranch?

El Dorado Ranch offers prime real estate including sea and mountain view properties starting from under $40,000.No other development in Baja can offer these prices with the amenity package, abundance of open space and close proximity to the U.S. With the largest solar community in North America and 50 percent of the property preserved as green space, El Dorado Ranch has set a high standard for eco-friendly development.

What is the essence of El Dorado Ranch?

El Dorado Ranch, San Felipe is located in Baja California, Mexico. El Dorado Ranch is a destination resort in the making, with over 35,000 acres of pristine land, El Dorado Ranch offers an ideal place to vacation or retire. Located near the town of San Felipe, you'll find everything from miles of white sandy beaches to 10,000-foot mountains.

El Dorado Ranch offers an incredible array of recreational amenities including a beach club, pool and spa, riding stables, tennis center, seaside restaurants, and additionally our USGA-rated 18-hole championship golf course.

El Dorado Ranch offers thousands of acres of pristine land for your enjoyment. We are fully committed to protecting the environment and utilizing environmentally friendly alternatives in the layout of our communities and construction. We have the largest solar community in North America and have pioneered the development of "Straw Bale" construction in home design. In fact, the first Straw Bale home in all of Baja was constructed at El Dorado Ranch.

So whether you come to visit us for a weekend or stay for a lifetime, you can be assured that you will enjoy an environment as stunning, as beautiful, and as diverse as it was meant to be.

What does El Dorado Ranch offer?

The Ranch is also San Felipe’s premier vacation resort. Boasting San Felipe’s first and only golf course, our 18-hole championship golf course, Las Caras de Mexico (Faces of Mexico) offers golfers a round of golf like no other. Several on site restaurants, a beach and tennis club, off road vehicle rentals, guided desert tours, and a lot more guarantee enough activity for the entire family. The Ranch offers hotel accommodations and rental homes, and in short, the widest variety of accommodations to suite its guests. Additionally, first time visitors can experience El Dorado Ranch with one of our very best priced travel packages.

Is El Dorado Ranch more than just a retirement community?

With Palapas in the foreground, the Condos and golf course in the background, and the Sea of Cortez in the distance you can get a general feeling of the size of our beachfront facility. Here residents, members, and guests can enjoy a variety of activities and amenities.

Our Olympic size swimming pool is the only heated pool in the San Felipe area. Our Jacuzzi is massive. The La Palapa poolside Bar and Grill is an excellent place to sip a cool drink and sample the fresh Sea of Cortez shrimp.

Some of the most popular activities are simply strolling along the empty beaches, reading a book, sunbathing, or having a poolside drink while sampling the fresh Sea of Cortez shrimp at La Palapa Pool Side Bar and Grill. Or, as pictured in our hammock village, you can enjoy one of Mexico's favorite past times, the siesta.

Why is El Dorado Ranch such a value?

El Dorado Ranch offers an affordable real estate opportunity at only the fraction of the costs experienced in the southwest United States or other Baja destinations. Lots with both sea and mountain views are available from under $40,000. Costs of construction are equally as impressive with quality homes being constructed for as little as $120 per square foot.

How Can I visit El Dorado Ranch?

We can schedule a Baja Weekend Getaway for you to visit El Dorado Ranch. There is limited availability for 7-day advance purchase reduced-rate round-trip reservations on Southwest Airlines to San Diego. From San Diego the weekend is on us. All of our guests are met and picked up at the airport on Saturday at 10:30 AM and driven to El Dorado Ranch in a comfortable, luxury motor coach, complete with on-board movies and a deli lunch. Upon arrival we have margaritas waiting for you, a walk on our beautiful beach, a Mexican B-B-Q dinner, complimentary hotel in San Felipe on the beach with time to shop and much, much more. As an alterative, at an additional cost, we are offering direct flights from the San Diego to San Felipe’s International Airport and from there the weekend is on us.